Kia Alumni Circles!

A community forum for Roxana Kia's alumni training circles


What is alumnicircles?

A powerful performer becomes strong through practice.  It’s like playing an instrument. You are your own instrument – and you play it yourself. To play brilliantly and truly create resonance in the audience, either as a soloist or in an orchestra, you need to practice. Even the best performers and executives hone their skills through continuous practice. Having trained many such top-performers throughout the years, a need for ongoing practice with peers has arisen.

It is always easier to practice together with others. In this confidential and supportive community, you will have the possibility to train in tuning yourself as an instrument and training in playing on yourself as an instrument, expanding the range of keys you can play upon. Masters practice. Again and again. Practice and become a master.

The community will support you, challenge you, give you feedback and inspiration. It is organized as confidential circles of practice, where you will personally be invited to a circle that matches your level of mastery.

You can only become a member by personal invitation from Roxana Kia.

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